4 thoughts on “Ridiculous…”

    1. Hey Rachel…if you have time, check out Petite Allergy Treats blog. She has a recipe for “Soft Gluten Free Hamburger Buns”. Give it a try. Otherwise, I would suggest toasting one of your favorite gf sliced bread and cutting it to the shape of the the mushrooms. I’ve also eaten these babies without any bun and they were spectacular. Every now and then I’ve also warmed up a brown rice tortilla and made a wrap. Hope this helps! Reine


  1. I’m so excited about this blog. I was never really into eating a plant based diet until I came to SweetArt. The food (and baked goods) are stupid delicious. Glad to see some advice on how to cook with veggies, and make them SO flavorful. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!


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