Mr. Owens’ Casserole

The work stations at SweetArt are close enough that, once the day gets going and when so inclined, conversation amongst bakers ensue. Jessica, one of my newest bakers, and I didn’t intend to discuss sugar daddies (the human kind…not the candy kind). The topic evolved after discovering the advertised price of Beyonce’s world tour tickets. Please note: What we … Continue reading Mr. Owens’ Casserole

Ease-Up Truffles

A couple of years after opening the shop, I realized I’d gotten fat as hell.  Not like, a little extra, but why don’t even my big-ems jeans fit extra? It wasn’t my reflection that clued me in–mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the flyest of them all? Hello? Mirror?!? You there? (I continue to not own any full-length mirrors in my … Continue reading Ease-Up Truffles